Be infinitely woman! Sensual and sexy, our Earrings are a delight to the eye, a rare touch of sensuality Jewelry for women. Gold plated or Solid Silver, all our jewels are hypoallergenic.



BO 166
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Féerie d'émeraude

BO 165


BO 164
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Anoushka - (Piercing only)

BO 163

1001 Nuits - (Piercing only)

BO 162

Voie Lactée (Piercing or clips)

BO 160

Aphrodite (Pierced ears only)

BO 158

Souffle de Turquoise (Piercing only)

BO 157
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Passionnément (Available for pierced or non-pierced ears)

BO 156

Rêve de Turquoise (Piercing only)

BO 154
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Curacao (Piercing or Clips)

BO 150

Angela (Piercing or Clips)

BO 149

Bulles (Piercing only)

BO 148

Kalia (Clips or Piercing)

BO 146

Rose noire (Piercing only)

BO 145 Or
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Frou-frou (Clips or Piercing)

BO 144

Myrtille (Clips or Piercing)

BO 142

Sunset boulevard (Piercing only)

BO 141

Folie d'Hematite (Clips or Piercing)

BO 139

Fushicho (Piercing or clips)

BO 137

Vâhana (Piercing only)

BO 133
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Libertinage (Piercing only)

BO 131
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Goutte de plaisir (Clips only)

BO 127

Lagune (Piercing only)

BO 126
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Pompadour (Clips or Piercing)

BO 125

Cheyenne (Clips or Piercing)

BO 122

Beverly Hills (Clips or Piercing)

BO 119

Précieuse (Piercing only)

BO 115
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