CI 123
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A discreet yet glamorous intimate jewel ! Clips designed entirely in silver and adorned with delicate and luminous Swarovski crystals, multi-faceted and finely carved into water drops. For more luminosity and a festive glossy finish, the intimate clips "Pompadour" are adorned with crystal colored tail pieces carved in Diamond.


Ornament : 
Flat and round 925/1000 Silver plated clips decorated with diamond sized crystal tail pieces.
Little multi-faceted "water-drop"crystals of Swarowski design.


All our intimate clips are non-piercing and absolutely pain free. Very comfortable, you have just to stretch slightly your major labia to put the jewelery in place and wear it as long as you wish.

Perfectly hypoallergenic, nickel free, totally painless,
our pieces of jewelery cause no discomfort or irritation.


 CI 123 : 29 € the pair.