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Everyone has been waiting for the new clitoris model, comfortable, discreet and sensual. The magnificent pearl is present, placed where your clitoris throbs, races. The clip-on, with a perfect dimension, fixes on the top of the clitoris without any discomfort. The pearl and the supporting gold string are visible. Very comfortable, our clitoris clip are easily put in place. Completely pain-free, leveled with a triangular form for a perfect setting and a real sense of comfort, the clitoris clip-on is the ideal gem for those who wish to wear their jewel for a very long time.

A piece of jewelery that your lover would want discover as a surprise under your most fine lingerie, under your most silky underwear. The lots of given strokes when wearing this jewel are over multiplied, you vibrate at the least stroking, at the smallest fluttering. A simple stroke on that spot and you melt with delight.


18 carat 750/1000 flat and triangular clip, hypoallergenic, nickel free.

- Majorca pearl (imitation) for the white model.
- Tahiti mother-of-pearl (imitation) for the steel grey model
- Colored mother-of-pearl for the water green.
- Hermes red and indigo blue models.