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A citrus colored jewel like a delicious sweet fruit makes you look irresistable – good enough to eat.

Ornament  : 

Triangular clip adorned on the face with a Gold-plated ball (18 carat 750/1000). Purple bead with decorative pattern and Gold-plated (18 carat 750/1000) oval. 

Our clitoris jewelery are easily placed, without any pain or discomfort, under the clitoris' hood.

This zone being nerveless, the carrying of the jewel is completely painless. For a perfect setting up, we advise you to sit down comfortably, hold the clip open between two fingers, slide the triangular part of the clip under the clitoris' hood and gently close your jewel.

Completely hypoallergenic and nickel free, our jewelery cause neither
discomfort or irritation. Totally painless.