BVR 163
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A beautiful jewel ! A little bow hiding under your penis makes it a most attractive gift. Crystals and shiny beads add refinement to the jewel.

Ornament gold-plated model :
18 carats 750/1000 Gold-plated knot.
18 carats 750/1000 Gold-plated chain.
Nacreous white beads.
Top-shaped transparent beads (Swarovki crystals).
White cotton elastic.

Silver model :
925/1000 solid Silver knot.
925/1000 solid Silver chain. 
Pink quartz beads.
Top-shaped pink beads (Swarovski crystals).
Black cotton elastic.

This jewel is maintained behind your testicles by a comfortable elastic that allows you to wear it as long as you wish.

Your penis passes trough the triangle formed by the chains and you can wear your jewel when your penis is either relaxed or erected.

BVR-163 Gold-plated : 38 € - Silver : 50 €